“If you lead with making an impact, the money merely becomes a byproduct.  If you lead with making money, stress becomes the byproduct and you will never have enough.” – Kareen Mills

Welcome to month number one of my online business income report, March 2018.  To be honest, although I announced that I’m writing my first book February 16, 2018, this is just half of my first month because we really didn’t launch our first product until March 16, 2018, my book The 6th Sense.

If this is your first time reading about me and what I’m all about, you may be wondering why in the world would anyone publish their income report every month?  Some would immediately say I’m crazy without even getting to know me and some would say I’ve been waiting for this transparency for a long time. Either way, I am excited to share this part of my journey to inspire my tribe to get into motion.

If you’ve been part of my tribe for a while feel free to skip to the next segment.

I have been inspiring many people for a while but I’m not inspiring them enough to actually take action until I attended a conference in the fall of 2017 where John Maxwell was the keynote speaker and he talked about this specific law called The Law of the Lid.  It dawned on me that I’m not inspiring them enough to get in motion because I’m not in motion. I mean I’m in motion but merely maintaining but not growing. There’s a difference! The only way your tribe will grow is if you’re also growing. Made so much sense. Since then, it’s been part of my daily reflection on how I can tweak what I’m doing in order to grow.  One evening towards the end of 2017, as I was beginning my bedtime routine and as I started to press life’s pause button to reflect on my day, my vision board got knocked off my office desk. I stood up and picked up the vision board and there it is…”Published Author”.

“Published Author” has been on my vision board forever and that night I pledged to not put it on my vision board come 2018 because it was going to be the year that I execute on it.  When it came time to create my 2018 vision board it was difficult not to add it on there because of some hesitation I had. At that time, I had zero direction where to go, what to do and where to even start.  I just knew that it was what I needed to do.

One day sometime early February I was scrolling through my facebook newsfeed and saw a free webinar about where to start, what to do, etc.  Just the basic which is all I needed to give me the drive to push through. Most free webinars are generic. I quickly signed up for it and learned some bullet points from it.  It’s one of Lewis Howes free webinars that he does. After the webinar, I was still not clear on it but Lewis said something I will never forget and have been my mantra ever since, “just take imperfect actions”.  Off I go.

Back in January, I had a revelation out of a frustration with my kids during our early morning prep time for school.  Funny how sometimes a revelation can come through in the most unexpected moments of your life. With all my might, I held back and took a pause before I made my reaction with the boys.  I had a choice at that time to do what I normally do which is frustration transform into scolding or yelling in the car on the way to school or frustration and take a more proactive approach.  I took the latter and I’m so glad I did because that’s when The 6th Sense came to fruition.  I explained this in details in my book’s introduction.  If this past 6 months had taught me something so profound it would be that when you set your intentions and you take massive action after you set the intention, the pieces of the puzzle will somehow show up for you.  I have always believed in the universal law but it is during this past 6 months that I’ve truly experienced it in the most fast-tracked way.

On February 16, 2018, I announced it to the world through FB Live that I’m writing a book that’s launching March 16, 2018 (exactly 28 days, yes Feb 2018 only came with 28 days).  It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done because at this point I still wasn’t sure if I’m going to be able to execute it and deliver it on time. I only had the title and some bullet points of the book.  I didn’t even have my sub-title. I enlisted myself into one of Lewis Howes Mastermind Program to get access to a tribe of people who can help me through the process. It was the best thing I’ve ever done for this specific journey.

Prior to February 16, 2018, I had zero idea what a landing page was.  I had zero technical knowledge on any of this. Top that with my personal demons that say “who am I to become a published author?,” or “what about my grammatical errors and having English as a second language problem?” or “what if people don’t like my content?”.  And then my sister told me that she loves me so much to tell me that maybe I should go take some ESL classes just to improve upon my English because she doesn’t want me to get hurt with critics and such. I had endless negative thoughts of my own that almost stopped me from pushing through but I closed my eyes and jumped anyway.  I’m telling you, that there is no risk involved in putting yourself out there. The real risk is not putting your content out there that could have potentially made a huge impact on people’s lives. That’s what professionals like copy editors and proofreaders are there for. They have job security because of people like me. LOL. Even if my book only impact one person, that’s good enough for me!  That’s one person’s life becoming better because of my work! It’s worth all the trouble guys. I’m here to tell you that it is. Do it!

I used to program my brain that I’m not wired for these tech stuff but since then I reprogrammed it by applying the principles I taught in my book The 6th Sense I am proud to say that I have self-taught myself and have become the landing page queen in just a month!  That didn’t come without spending some late nights watching tutorial videos all over the internet and youtube and learning more than just about landing page.

I can’t even begin to tell you what I’ve learned and the lingo I now speak because of this journey.  I literally feel like I had to learn a new language or get a degree. I now speak landing page, email marketing sequence, tagging emails to integrate into my email marketing system, stripe integration, privacy policy, terms and conditions, creating courses online and uploading my recordings into a free course platform, masking long links to make it uniform with my main site, social media marketing, engaging and growing your audience, building a brand that has YOU sprinkled all over it, starting a podcast…the list goes on and on and I’m super excited where this journey is taking me already.  I really feel like I got a degree in a month that most people would go to school for 4 years. All because I applied the principles I taught in my book, make a bold decision, commit to the steps and seek for a community with like-minded people.

So how did you make that $705.41 extra business income in March 2018?

Wow, let me tell you.  It was a crazy month of new everything.  I didn’t know what I was doing but my passion and the support of my community drove me to do it.  I earned $705.41 leveraging social media, before expenses.  Although it isn’t much I gained a million dollar knowledge putting myself out there throughout the journey that I know will propel me into April and the many more months to come.

I documented my journey in publishing my first ever quick read book and I realized that there are many others who have a great book idea or several great book ideas that need to be published but are stuck like I was so I created a 4-week program, Launch Your Book in 28 Days Bootcamp and a mission was born.  To help 1 million people launch their book in 28 days.  Bold mission but I don’t know anyone successful who didn’t set out to do big and bold things.  We launched the program this month and had 9 students enrolled in the program. This means we are only 999,991 more to go to achieve our mission.  One student at a time is how we’re going to get there!

With The 6th Sense book sales still coming in and two program launches, April is shaping up to be looking good as well so far.

Some of my bigger goals this year is to launch my new podcast, Motherhustler Podcast and launch another quick read book with my students, Mommy’s Millionaire Morning.  I get asked all the time about my morning habits and routines so I decided it’s time to get it together and write another book!  You can sign up to be on the early bird list here.

Anyway, back on track to my March income…

I never thought that I would ever sell a book let alone over 100 books in less than two weeks from launch, especially without spending money on ads on social media, just organic.  It’s crazy to think that my book alone brought a revenue of $705.41! Most people who ordered 1 or 2 booklets came back to order 6 booklets to gift to friends, family, colleagues, and clients because of the value that it’s giving them.

The 6th Sense is designed to slow you down.  It’s probably one of the many if not the quickest read book you probably will ever own but it carries a full book punch.  It is a book that needs to be studied not the usual speed read like we do thick books. In fact, it is designed for you to read one chapter per day counting the introduction.  Personally, I read the introduction on Sundays and the rest of the 6 chapters throughout the rest of the 6 days during the week and I start over on Sunday again. Yes, I read my own book.  Each of the 6 chapters carries an exercise after that’s designed to teach you how to press life’s pause button and pay close attention. It is also designed for portability.

At first, I said to my husband, if I could make $100 from this endeavor the first month I’m happy.  Now, $705.41 isn’t a lot to some of you but it is beyond my month one expectation. During the 2008 economy crash if people would have figured out a way to bring $500 in extra income into their household more foreclosures could have been prevented.  You be the judge whether this is for you or not but I’m here to tell you that it is possible even when you think you’re not wired for these new technological advancements. All you have to do make a decision, work hard at it, dedicate time to do it and reprogram your supercomputer (brain) that nothing is impossible.  Download a new version of you and reinvent yourself.

March was a great start and I’m very excited to keep going.  It didn’t kill me to stay up later than usual, learn new skills even when I thought I was never going to be wired to learn any of it, write a quick read book, be judged, put myself out there, make mistakes, and the list goes on.  It’s making an impact on people. That’s the best part of the journey!

My Launch Your Book in 28 Days Bootcamp is off to a great start here’s a $300 coupon code (MARCH300) as a thank you for stopping by and reading my report.

Below is the March 2018 Income Breakdown – $705.41

   $705.41 The 6th Sense Book Sales

       00.00 Launch Your Book in 28 Days Bootcamp (launch April)

       00.00 Winner’s Circle (launch April)

       00.00 Affiliate Marketing (pending)

   $705.41 MARCH 2018 TOTAL

The report above reflects the total gross revenue for the month of March before any expenses, fees, donations, and taxes.

A lot of people are excited about what I’m currently cooking behind the scenes because that’s what I do.  I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied. I’m having so much fun! It’s just who I am. Here are some of exciting up and coming:

  1. I always get asked about my daily morning routine so I’m happy to report that it’s time for me to write about it.  I’m writing another quick read with my Launch Your Book in 28 Days Bootcamp students called Mommy’s Millionaire Morning.
  2. Our second round of Instagram challenge will be rolling out soon and we’re giving away some exciting prices.  To learn more about it visit here.
  3. Our first Winners Circle class will be on April 19th, 10am-12nn.  We’re going to discuss how to optimize Instagram marketing for our business.  Every month I teach one strategy that can be easily executed that will bring immediate impact to your business no matter what industry you’re in.  We also have an exclusive mastermind of the cream of the crop and business consulting to discuss some potential challenges in your business and how we can overcome those challenges.
  4. Press Pause Movement – it’s a movement that is literally a byproduct that came out from the readers of my book The 6th Sense.  In the beginning, when I wrote the book, it was merely an item I wanted to get off my vision board.  Then it became an obsession to finish in 28 days. And then as I was re-reading what I wrote (yes, I read my book too) I realized it became more than just that to me and I guess my readers as well.  It created an awareness for my readers to slomo life and press life’s pause button. I’ve been practicing pressing life’s pause button for a while throughout my day but I didn’t realize that it was exemplified in my book as well.  My book is teaching entrepreneurs to slow down and optimize daily living.
  5. 100 Women – I’m so pumped about this movement because it’s making a great impact on local communities all around the world.  When 100 women gather and agree on doing something great, amazing things happen. I’m heading into my second quarter this coming April 16, 2018, and I’m so excited to have many new guests of women who are so generous and giving.  Last quarter we were able to combine our resources to a total of $19,100. This quarter is probably going to be a larger impact! These local non-profits make me cry everytime they present because they do so much good in our community and in essence change the world.  Google this movement. You can actually create your own chapter! Let’s go!
  6. Motherhustler Podcast – Woohoo!!!  Launching on…guess when…Mother’s Day!!!  I get so much fueled by these fellow Mamas who are going for it in a bold and big way yet manage to put their family and kids on the number 1 priority spot all along building an empire side by side!  I can’t wait to share my interviews with these awesome and amazing Mothers who are getting it done even in the messy but amazing world of motherhood. Running a family and career side by side isn’t easy to do but somehow these guests are doing it!  We are batching our episodes for the next 3 months starting the first two weeks of May! One guest is an influence aka Instagram sensation who has over 100,000 following and she’s starting the podcast with a bang baby for Episode 1!!! I can’t even…

What’s next?  I don’t know but I can assure you that nothing will stop me.  In the meantime, let’s connect on social media.  All of my handles are @KareenMills.  Until next time friends!