Multiply your money, time, and impact!

Are you ready to change your life by multiplying money, time, and impact?

I know, managing something you either have very little of (like money) or have zero control over (like time) probably feels impossible.

That’s because it is!

Instead of simply managing your money, time, and impact, shift your mindset to multiplying!

  • Financial illiteracy is a common problem - regardless of the country you live in, the language you speak, your social class, financial status, or family upbringing.

  • There is a sequence to this madness!!

  • We MUST multiply money first before we can multiply time.

  • We must multiply money and time before we can multiply our IMPACT!

YOU deserve it all... you just can't do it alone anymore!


This Mentorship Is For...

YOU…because you’re financially and mentally overwhelmed as to how you’re going to get ahead.

YOU…have a lot of shame and guilt around your finances so you refrain from asking for HELP.

YOU…feel as if you’re failing your family and your kids!

YOU…wondering how in the heck can I even take my family on a nice vacation?

YOU…are struggling in your business and entrepreneurial journey and looking for a mentor!

YOU…want to transform your relationship with money and shift your belief system around debt.

YOU…know you need help!

Consider this your personal invite, from Kareen.

She only works with those she knows she can make an impact with!

  • Three (3), 1:1 deep dives and high intensity financial review session (1 hr+ each)

  • Private Student Access to The Multiply Mentorship Facebook Group

  • Admin access to The Multiply Community Clubhouse Club

  • Weekly Group Calls

  • Money, Time, and Impact Management

  • Multiplier Tools, Trainings & Strategies

  • Insurance System Training

  • Credit System Training

  • Credit Expert Training

  • Tax Code Training

  • Rules of the Financial Game
  • How do financial and insurance underwriters think?

  • Secret to Unlimited Legal Advice

  • The Different Appetite of Banks
  • The case for having multiple banking relationships

  • Business VS Personal Credit

  • Your Imprint on Money
  • Generational
  • Childhood
  • Society
  • Experimental

  • Parenting Around Money

  • Communication Around Money

Some problems are just larger than others and three sessions won't be enough. The upgrade to First Class is perfect for anyone with a problem larger than $20,000 to get you operating First Class!

With double the 1:1 total sessions, we are able to work 1:1 to get you where you need to be to start working on multiplying money, time, and impact!

Includes everything inside Business Class, plus...

  • UPGRADED to six (6), 1:1 deep dives and high intensity financial review session (1 hr+ each)

  • First Class Financial Transformation with 1:1 execution, support, and accountability.

  • FREE Access to a Library of Modules to learn how to FLY for FREE on a 6-foot flatbed round trip, business class to Europe or Asia
  • Valued at $7,000 per ticket!


  • Entity Formation

  • Credit Card Sequence

  • Secrets to Fly, Drink, and Eat Free

  • The Keys to AirBNB or Short Term Rentals

  • Life Hacks

  • Getting Rid of Laxy Assets

  • How Every Major Purchase = New Business = Free

  • Private Invite to The Multiply Impact Retreats with Early Bird Pricing!

  • Students Do Deals Together and Multiply Together

  • Access to the professionals I personally use to multiply my own money, time, and impact!

INVEST in multiplying money, time, and impact... now!

I’ll be here every step of this sequence with you

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