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The Multiply Community is an online community hosted inside a private, members-only Facebook group for solopreneurs (solo-entrepreneurs), W2 Side Hustlers, and Small Business Owners who are looking for guidance, support, and incredibly valuable steps and insight toward multiplying their money, time, and impact!

This community provides a safe space with the opportunity to learn and grow together.

I designed this space FOR YOU.

Meet Kareen Mills

There is no better fuel for me than seeing other WOMEN entrepreneurs going after their dreams and thrive.

I was Made in the Philippines; born and raised. I came to the US with my parents in the year 2000 when I was already turning 21. It was a very lonely beginning; no friends, no life & a couple of American nightmares.

My corporate background is finance and insurance. My influencer and thought leadership background comes from LIFE itself.

I started my mid-life crisis early at 33. I felt like a success yet empty. After 6 months of searching for meaning. I gave up and ended up backpacking Southeast Asia June of 2013 for an entire month and the rest was history. At the time, I thought I was searching for meaning. Now that I'm wiser, I realized I was merely searching for myself.

My Vision: To Mother The World

Accolades with Responsibilities:

  • Top 10 on's "20 Podcasts That Will Help You Grow in 2020"
  • Accomplished and Under 40 - Vancouver (WA) Business Journal
  • No. 1 Domestic Violence Podcast on the Planet to Subscribe & Listen To by (really by accident)
  • My work was recently featured on some of Lewis Howes training, inside the School of Greatness studio
  • Featured on Evan Carmichael's and Lewis Howes Instagram Live

I've Interviewed:

Notable Philanthropic Efforts:

"If you want to change the world, become a better version of yourself; if we did all that, we wouldn't need to change the world." - Kareen Mills

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